Comics2 Reader opens and creates CBZ and PDF files for reading digital comics
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Comics2Reader is a program that allows us to create files in CBZ format from a group of images - so that those images can be read by other programs in sequence, thus creating so-called digital comics. The application's features are simple; any novice user will master the web comics creation within minutes: it is as simple as selecting the source images and the destination folder.

The program offers the option to name the final file using the previously selected and named folder, ensuring consistency when you're adding several images to any given project. It also creates PDF files with the same images in case you want to read comics in a PDF reader application. The program allows edition, resizing, and image conversion. Batch conversion is also available for you to create a whole comic in a single click. The default output format is .cbz; however, if needed, the application can export smaller image files to be viewed on mobile devices (smartphones) and even export the final result as an HTML file for easy viewing in any web browser.

Augusto Rivera
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  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Works fast


  • Other applications can do more
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